6 Month Tourist Visa To Australia More Difficult

6 month tourist visa to Australia becoming more difficult, it has been noted that the normal procedure for most after having a 3 month tourist visa to Australia would be then to apply for a 6 month tourist visa to Australia. This is common practice for applicants to spend more time together in Australia before committing to a longer visa or marriage and settling together in Australia.

The Australian Embassy seem to be less forth coming currently with the 6 month tourist visa to Australia which also includes having a chest x-ray they are now more incline to award a 3 month visa again as it is deemed for a normal tourist who has just been awarded a 3 month visa to require 6 months holiday whether to spend more time together or not as tourist visas are for tourism purposes and not for spending time with your Australian partner in Australia.

So if you apply for a 6 month tourist visa and are awarded with 3 months then be happy with the result as a visa is better than no visa and it will give you that extra time to further your relationship in Australia.

There seems to be an unwritten rule currently which states that if you spend 9 months in a 1 year period in Australia that is seen as enough and anymore visa applications for tourist visas will be refused as that length of time is more than enough to know whether you can settle or not in Australia in the future with your Australian partner.

The Australian tourist visa allows the great opportunity to let your Thai partner meet your Australian family and to see were you live and work and give them a strong sense of what your life is really about in Australia, it is easy to make a relationship work in Thailand as there is so much happiness surrounding you but in the real World of your home Country is a good test of the strength and durability of your relationship with your Thai partner before applying for something more permanent or marriage.

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