5 Things That Make Thai Living Irresistible For British Expats

There is a vast difference between living in Britain and living in Thailand. A summarized description of the comparison would be that living in Thailand can be in many ways, a lot more interesting than living in Britain. Many expats, tourists and foreigners visit Thailand for a holiday or for work matters and may decide to stay there permanently. What makes Thailand so irresistible for British Expats?

stunning beachesBeautiful beaches with affordable accommodation

This is one key reason that makes Thailand so irresistible to British expats. Thailand offers stunning beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see and it is complemented by extremely affordable hotels. This lovely combination is very much sought after by tourists everywhere and is one of the main reasons why people choose Thailand as their usual holiday destination. Throw in cheap eateries, beer and cocktails and you have a winning combination!

An increased level of freedom

British expats are used to living in a closely controlled society with strict laws and are under constant scrutiny from the omnipresent eye of the government. While it is not a terrible thing, the lack of freedom certainly leaves a little something to be desired. British expats can behave a little more liberally in Thailand compared to their hometown. It is the small things that make a British expat in Thailand feel much more “unattached”!

The lifestyle

Simply put, the lifestyle in Thailand is more relaxed than the lifestyle in Britain. The locals work less and smile or laugh more. The cost of living is low, when compared to Britain, and the locals are genuinely happy and carefree. British expats will be able to enjoy luxurious holidays, meals, trips and activities in Thailand for a fraction of what it would cost in Britain. Indeed, many British expats grow so fondly of this privilege that they decide to relocate to Thailand instead.

Thai localsThe locals

Thai locals are genuinely caring, nice and helpful. Thailand is dubbed as the Land of Smiles, and Thais live a humble life and they strive to make their counterparts and foreigners happy too. It is not hard to mingle with the locals so Brits have no problems finding company here.

The availability of British restaurants

British expats who find themselves homesick or rather, missing their burger fix are delighted to find that Thailand has many burger joints such as Burger King, which at least provide them with a taste of home. Because of the large British expat community here, some of them have set up restaurants offering cuisine from the UK, so getting dishes you miss isn’t a difficult thing.

Above all, renting condo apartments in Thailand is extremely affordable and is a small fraction of what British individuals need to pay back at home. This is perhaps the driving factor behind their decision to live in Thailand permanently besides all the other pull factors.