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Why Use Key Visa?

If you have a Thai wife or Thai girlfriend and would like to take them to your country for a holiday or to live permanently, Key Visa Thailand can help you obtain the correct visa. It’s not a problem If she has been refused a visa before. We will help you take your Thai partner home – No visa, No professional fees to be paid!

If you wish to marry your Thai girlfriend, the visa services we offer include a hassle free marriage service and settlement visa package. If you have a same-sex partner, we are able to help you with the civil partnership visa process. No matter your Thai girlfriend’s profession or workplace, we can help you obtain the visa you require!

  • Full Support from our English & Thai team from the beginning of the process right up until you receive your visa
  • 14 years of visa experience, honesty and integrity
  • English owned and managed. English speaking Thai staff and 14 years of experience.
  • We constantly communicate, updating local and overseas customers regarding the application progress.
  • We take care of all online and paper application forms and associated letters. We're completely hands-on from start to finish so you can relax and leave it to us.
  • Our bilingual English / Thai staff will help your Thai partner through the entire process with no hassle.
  • If you don't get the visa we don't get paid - No hassle, no heartbreak.
  • We are a well respected company and affiliated with the Pattaya Expats club

We are a Visa company based in Pattaya and we have over 14 years of experience assisting private clients with their visa applications to Australia, The UK and Ireland or helping foreign nationals to obtain a long stay visa for Thailand.

We have a proven track record where others have failed.
Helping Thai girlfriends, Thai wives, Thai boyfriends and transsexuals apply for a tourist visa, settlement visa, Provisional marriage or Partner visa.

We also complete all forms and prepare all the necessary documentation, including translations, and submit the visa application at the appropriate time and place without you ever having to travel to Bangkok. Save yourself and your Thai partner the hassle of dealing with the Authorities. Let us do it.

How easy is it to start the visa process?

As easy as paying the deposit – for holiday visas just give us 5,000 Thai baht, with no other money to be paid until the visa application has been accepted and processed. For settlement visas you just pay the embassy fee upfront and our professional fee when we successfully obtain your visa – no visa, no professional fee! We work with honesty and integrity and pride ourselves in obtaining your Australian visa or UK visa the first time without any problems. If you cannot get a visa we will tell you, and never give false hope. You can browse through our client gallery or our company Facebook page to browse some of our numerous success stories.

Visa advisors to the Pattaya Expats Club

Darren McGarry, owner of Key Visa Thailand, has been the visa adviser for the Pattaya Expats Club for 10 years, giving us credibility which is second to none and a role we take very seriously including numerous public talks and keeping expats up to date regarding constant visa changes.

Key Visa has well over 14 years experience in providing all types of UK visa services for Thai nationals. From short holidays for Thai nations to complete resettlement, we can help you get just what you require.

Key Visa Company are highly trained visa consultants specializing in visa applications for Thai nationals wishing to travel for a holiday or settle with their foreign partner overseas.

We have a proven track record where others have failed. Helping Thai girlfriends, Thai wives, Thai boyfriends and transsexuals apply for a tourist visa, settlement visa, provisional marriage or partner visa.

If you wish to arrange a last will and testament, we at Key Visa Company make the whole process hassle free. We do understand that this type of consultation is difficult so we are as gentle and patient as you need.

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This couple are happy with their second visa to England
Scott with his wife and son are happy that they have received their settlement visa
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