Thai nationals who move to the U.K. face quite a few challenges.

To help them settle in it is important for them to understand where they can meet up with other Thais who are living or visiting the British Isles.

We will look at just three examples of where Thai’s can meet up and socialise.

Thai organisations and associations

There are lots of organizations and associations throughout the United Kingdom. Their aim is to bring Thais who are working, living, or studying in the U.K. together.

One of the most famous is Samaggi Samagom. This association was established by King Rama VI in 1901 and is still going strong.

This association organises a whole variety of events and activities which help to bring Thai citizens together during their time in the U.K.

By contacting the organizers you will find they regularly organize such things as concerts, cultural events, and sports meetings.

One such annual event is the Samaggi Games.

This fun, friendly, and competitive event is generally help in February or March each year and is an excellent place to either participate in one of the many sports, or simply mix with people from your own country.

If you or your children enjoy such sports as football, badminton, volleyball, or chairball, or hanker for a game of Thai chess then this really is an excellent event and meeting venue.

You will also find lots of authentic Thai food on sale which should help to make you feel even more at home.


There are several Thai temples across the U.K.

For Thais who are seeking some spiritual comfort whilst outside of their home country these temples offer this.

The other benefit from visiting one of these temples is that there will be a very good chance that you will meet up with other like-minded Thais.

Thai Restaurants

Thai food is extremely popular in the U.K. This means that the vast majority of cities and towns boast several Thai restaurants which employ Thai staff.

Not only is this a great place to meet other Thai’s, but it also gives you the chance to sample some of that delicious food you may be missing so much!

Through this network you will hopefully be introduced to other Thai’s who visit the restaurant and who have already become friendly with the staff.

Closing thought

We said at the beginning of this piece that relocating to the U.K. can be quite a daunting prospect.

Whilst this is true you should also understand that there are lots of places where you can meet up with fellow Thai nationals.

By doing this it will help you to settle into the way of life far more quickly.