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UK Tourist Visa for a Thai National

A UK tourist visa for a Thai wife or Thai girlfriend is also commonly referred to as a UK holiday visa. This visa is given to a Thai National to allow them to travel to the UK on holiday to experience the differences in culture between Thailand and the United Kingdom, meet your family and make sure that if you both wished, Your Thai girlfriend or Thai wife would be comfortable settling in the UK before you continue your marriage considerations.

I like to call the UK Tourist visa for a Thai the acid test, to make sure that you and your Thai partner are suited to living in your own country because it is a totally different experience than when you are on holiday in Thailand. A UK tourist visa is very sensible and the service I initially offer all my clients for their first application. A UK Tourist visa for a Thai is not designed to allow you to reside with your Thai partner in the UK. It is exactly what it says: A UK Tourist / UK holiday visa and many re-applications are not permitted. The British embassy in Bangkok will take notice if you apply too frequently.

A UK Tourist visa for a Thai is available in a 6 months UK visa, 1 year UK visa, 2 year UK visa and 5 year UK visa but please be aware that you can only spend a 6 months period in any one year in the UK. So if you are awarded a 6 months holiday for your Thai girlfriend or Thai wife then after 6 months in the UK together your Thai partner must then spend 6 months back in Thailand before reapplying or the British embassy will assume these visas are being used to reside in the UK illegally, “so be careful.” Just because you have had one visa does not mean you will get another.


Our UK tourist visa for your Thai partner service

Successful visa applications to the UK for a Thai national are predominantly about, presentation, documentation and impression. You must give the embassy officer the feeling that you are genuine applicants, not manufactured. The problem is that most Thai’s are fairly poor and don’t have an incentive to return to Thailand. Therefore the documents are so important to contribute to a positive decision.

At Key Visa, we have specialized in obtaining UK visas for Thai wife’s, Thai girlfriends and boyfriends and transsexuals for 14 years. Knowing how to present a visa application is the key factor to success. Taking care of your Thai partner in Thailand is a major part of our service offered to all clients because, most of the time, you are overseas not knowing what is going on and so we take it upon ourselves to babysit you both through the full process. Key Visa’s owner, Darren, is British and is the contact for the foreigner while the application is being processed.

Because the embassy tends to award visas on the merits of the documentation and presentation it is imperative that you and your Thai partner consider using professional services to complete and present your UK Tourist visa application, or the exercise can very easily end in tears. Do not be over confident: The clearing officer at the British embassy can, and will try to, find numerous reasons to refuse a UK tourist visa for a Thai.

Why is it so difficult? Because not every Thai national is going to the UK for the correct reasons or planning on returning.Below we have given the service offered and also the procedure we take when applying for a UK tourist visa or other associated visas.

You can email Darren at [email protected]

  • We start by advising the sponsor and the Thai applicant of the documents required.
  • Our English staff deals with the sponsor and our Thai staff deals with your partner, which is important.
  • When the documents are received we collate and do the translations that are needed.
  • We advise if we feel any documents are missing or if there is anything that needs amending.
  • We prepare the online application for the client with no mistakes and register it.
  • We pay the fees online whilst doing the online application.
  • We write all associated letters for you and your Thai partner with the necessary wording.
  • We book the appointment to submit the visa application with your Thai partner.
  • We make sure that your Thai partner says the correct information to the officers, which is important.
  • We then track and check the status of the application every single day.
  • When the decision has been made on the visa application we then will collect the application and passport and visa on behalf of your Thai partner from the Embassy in Bangkok.
  • We then advise you when the visa has been issued and invoice you for the remaining balance.
  • We also train your lady how to be polite and say the correct information to the Immigration in the UK when the documents and passport have been collected
  • Or we can post this to your Thai partner’s home if they so wish if they do not wish to travel to Pattaya.

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