Thai food is now immensely popular in the United Kingdom. It is probably only second, in terms of price, to Japanese food. Even still, customers flock to good quality Thai restaurants to experience the world famous spicy cuisine.

This page lists the best of the best of Thai cuisine in the U.K.

Blue Lagoon. London.
Placed right in the heart of London’s West End and with an air of opulence and elegance that makes you feel like you are really in Thailand, you would expect the Blue Lagoon to be extremely expensive.

On the contrary, the Blue Lagoon offers amazing Thai food for less than you would think. An average diner would expect to spend around £20 – £30 per head for a wonderful Thai feast, cooked by one of the best chefs, exported from Thailand.

The Blue Lagoon is a perfect dining option when heading for a night out in the West End of London.

Chaopraya, Manchester
Named after the main river that snakes through Thailand, the Chaopraya restaurant is a large, friendly place to enjoy Thai cuisine.

The real authentic Thai dishes are plentiful and can satisfy even the largest appetite, whilst the cocktails are to die for.

One great novelty aspect of the Chaopraya is the fact that if you call to book your table in advance they can also arrange to pick you up (within Manchester city centre) in their very own, very Thai, tuk-tuk!

Bangkok. London.
Despite being in one of the most exclusive boroughs of London, Bangkok is in a more down to earth part of Kensington.

This makes for a more homely and welcoming feel to the restaurant, as well as a more affordable menu. The restaurant is owned and staffed by Thais and this is reflected in the service and the quality of the food.

If you find yourself in Bangkok restaurant look out for the minced chicken soup starter. It’s a recipe that’s been in the family for generations and is the restaurant’s speciality.

Thai Pad. Edinburgh
A clever play on words using the most famous of Thai dishes ‘Pad Thai’, the Thai Pad is the best Thai food that Edinburgh has to offer.

They use only the best ingredients and the chefs use them wisely to create dishes that are not only delicious, but are cooked to your exact preferences with regards to spiciness.

Another great feature is that if you don’t feel like dining out the Thai Pad will deliver straight to your door, if you place your order over the telephone.

Seng Thai. Belfast
The best Thai food available in Northern Ireland must be from the Seng Thai, in Belfast. The restaurant is situated on Belfast Bay and offers diners fantastic views out across the open waters.

The cuisine is authentic Thai, is made using the finest ingredients and is served by well trained service staff.

The Seng Thai is a must for anybody looking for Thai food in Northern Ireland.