With the United Kingdom fast becoming one of the most attractive places for Thais to emigrate to, the U.K. has to find employment options for industrious Thais to partake in.

The employment market in the United Kingdom at the moment is not at its most inviting, by any means. That said there are still plenty of job opportunities for Thais that want to live and work in the U.K.

Here we will explore the 4 types of job that are likely to attract and be attractive to Thai people moving to live in the United Kingdom.

Thai Masseuse

Many Thai ladies who go to live in the UK find a lucrative income in the Thai massage industry. Although this would not be sufficient reason to grant a UK visa on it’s own, it is certainly a worthy occupation for anyone married to a British citizen and relocating there permanently with a settlement visa.

Many Thais work for others at first and then later open their own shop or dedicate a room in their home to massage services.

Whilst this present moment in time may not be ideal for entrepreneurial start-ups it is by no means impossible to make extremely good money exporting goods from Thailand the United Kingdom.

It is easy for any fast thinking Thai living in the U.K., with an eye for current style trends, to branch out into the import export business.

Family connections in Thailand are an obvious major advantage when setting up a business of this sort and many a Thai family has found its fortune doing business this way.

Thai restaurants are very popular in the United Kingdom and are probably second only to Japanese restaurants in terms of price.

With this in mind the demand for good quality Thai chefs is on the increase, and the salary expectations are extremely attractive.

With wages for Thai chefs in Thailand being quite low and the hours incredibly long, the option to move to the U.K. and do a similar job for much, much more money is obviously very tempting.

Thai Restaurant Waiter Service
Still within the restaurant industry there is definitely a market for Thai nationals that can wait on in Thai restaurants in the United Kingdom.

For a Thai with good English skills and an idea about the standards of service expected in the U.K. any Thai can get a good salary waiting on at a Thai restaurant.

Hospitality Industry
As the number of Thai tourists visiting the United Kingdom increases every year, the demand for Thai speaking hospitality staff increases accordingly.

If a hotel can offer a Thai national to greet Thai guests to their hotel it is only natural that the guests will feel more welcome. The guests will also have somebody with whom they can speak in their native tongue. As such there is more chance that their requests will be understood and carried out more accurately.

That said it is impossible to work in the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom without a good level of English skills, as most visitors, wherever they are from in the world, will speak English.