The change from Thailand to Ireland is not only a large distance in terms of distance, but it there is also a large distance in the differences between cultures. However, Thailand has a lot to offer Thai residents and it also offers some unique experiences that cannot be experienced in Thailand.

Thai Community

Perhaps surprising to some people, but there is now a large Thai community that has developed over the past decade. A benefit of this is that newcomers from Thailand can find an easing force to the almost certain culture shock that will be experienced.

Also, it can be comforting because there will be others who can relate and understand the Thai point of view to daily problems and other issues that may arise in both Thailand or at home in Ireland.

Thai Restaurants

Along with the significant Thai community, a number of Thai restaurants have opened up in Ireland to accommodate the change in demographics. Often these restaurants serve as the meeting points for Thai friends to discuss what is happening in their life, gossip, or just simply enjoy some food that they miss from back home.


Maybe you have noticed already, but Thais enjoy celebrating their festivals, or anything with an atmosphere that can be likened to a festival. A number of Thais will be particularly happy to find that multiple Thai festivals occur during the year because of the significant numbers in the Thai population.

This enjoyment of festivals isn’t limited to only Thai festivals. Many Thai residents in Ireland also enjoy Irish festivals, and those that love festivals can easily travel outside of Ireland to attend other festivals that occur throughout the entire European continent.


Many non-Thais enjoy Thailand for the fact that it doesn’t have a fall or winter with temperatures that are comparable to those of northern Europe or North America. For many Thais it is just the opposite, they enjoy the changing seasons and find ways to have fun in both the fall and winter. In a way, putting on a coat for the winter cold or having outfits for the season is an entertaining novelty that doesn’t diminish much with age.

There are certainly more than only four items that Thais like about living in Ireland, however for Thais or foreigners looking for ideas, there are a number of resources available on the internet with entertainment or ideas that can provide virtually anyone with options for enjoyable aspects to living in Ireland.