There are a number of fine and well-respected restaurants in Australia, and this quality and reputation extends to many of the Thai restaurants that can be found in the major cities. It can be a difficult selection to only select 4 out of the numerous restaurants to choose from. However, below are 4 restaurants that are recognized globally for their fine Thai and Thai inspired cuisine.

Hanuman Restaurant

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This restaurant is something that is probably the most surprising on the list. Unlike the rest, Hanuman Restaurant can is located in the Outback. Hanuman Restaurant is in Alice Springs and features not only Thai, but also some Indian menu items. The menu is primarily Thai and the restaurant’s prawns and seafood dishes are favorites. If in the Outback and have a hunger for Thai food, Hanuman Restaurant in Alice Springs is an excellent choice.

Chat Thai

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Chat Thai is found in Sydney’s Thai Town. It’s a cool restaurant that overs some of the more unusual fare and is a favorite among local Thai residents. It’s also popular amongst the local population, proof of which is evident with the signboard out front for getting a table. Eating at Chat Thai can provide those curious about Thai cuisine with a glimpse into some of the more uncommon dishes t=outside of Thailand, and also provides an excellent location for dining when you’re looking for authentic Thai cuisine.

Namh Thai

Namh Thai is certainly something different. It doesn’t offer up the traditional dishes that are found at Thai restaurants, but instead offers a menu that experiments with combinations of flavors. For example, customers can try some soft-shell crab with watermelon or if seafood isn’t your thing, try a duck with lychee. The dining room is candle lit and elegant, but on Friday and Saturday the restaurant offers a banquet style dining experience.


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Nirvana is located in Darwin and not only offers up Thai, Malay, and Indian dishes, but it is also known for its live music. The view from the exterior of the restaurant is slightly deceiving. Inside guests will find intimate spaces with booth seating and an interior of Asian décor.

There are a number of Thai restaurants throughout Australia, far more than what is found in this list. Some restaurants offer traditional Thai dishes while some of the more trendy and newer restaurants feature updated dishes using traditional ingredients fused with other flavors of Asia and even Europe. However, for finding the best Thai cuisine, these are some recommended places to visit and perhaps continue to dine at time after time.