With a Thai population that has grown over the recent decade, the number and quality of Thai restaurants found in Ireland has also increased. As there are a large number of Thai restaurants, it can be virtually impossible to rank and list every Thai restaurant in the country. However, below you will find 4 of the to Thai restaurants in the country.


4. Red Torch Ginger

Red Torch Ginger is a trendy restaurant that serves modern Thai food, but also offers its guests a drink selection that includes craft beers and some pleasing cocktails. The Thai food available here comes from all regions of Thailand, so lovers of Isaan food can enjoy a meal from their favorite region while others enjoy spicy seafood dishes.


3. Diep at Home

This Thai restaurant in Blanchardstown has been seeing satisfied and repeat customers for over the past 5 years. An interesting aspect of this restaurant is that they also offer delivery, so you can enjoy excellent Thai food without going out. Reviews of the restaurant will show an extremely high level of customer satisfaction as well as customers raving over the dishes and sizable portions.


2. Koh Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge

The first thing that strikes the customers of Koh Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge is the atmosphere and interior of the restaurant. The restaurant offers amazing starter dishes and a variety of authentic Thai main dishes. If its busy, which is often the case, customers can wait in the lounge on sip on a cocktail or beer while waiting for an open table. A number of customers are repeats and the restaurant has shown itself to be a favorite amongst those with experience eating in Thailand.


1. Thai Garden Restaurant

Thai Garden Restaurant is a favorite amongst Dublin locals, and one of its characteristics other than the food that draws customers back is its atmosphere. The restaurant isn’t silent, but the music is set to a low volume and guests can enjoy the conversations they are having with their table. As for the food, guests are treated to a complimentary set of crackers or other item to snack on while reviewing the menu. The foods passes the tests of those familiar with Thailand and are well traveled within the country.


There are certainly more than only 4 excellent Thai restaurants within Ireland, but to get started those that have made the list are reliable and virtually guarantee an excellent selection of food that will please your palette.