Top 10 Hospitals In Thailand Expat Retirees Should Know

For many expats who are considering a retirement visa in Thailand, healthcare is always a top priority to be concerned about. Here’s a look at the best hospitals you can access in Thailand

It’s a fact that retirees often come from an older age group, and the older folks do require more healthcare services than the younger population. Those who are applying for a Thai retirement visa should get to know some of the best hospitals in Thailand so that you can seek top tier medical care that is available in this country.
As an expat retiree, you should always take note of the quality of the hospital you are planning to seek treatment from and the level of safety it ensures. As a general rule of thumb, you should always use the services of professional doctors and medical staff as well as take note of the hospital’s accreditations, if any. If you are planning to retire in Thailand

Here are 10 outstanding hospitals that you can get excellent medical services from:

Bumrungrad International Hospital

The hospital is located in the heart of Bangkok and is one of Thailand’s most renowned hospitals. It is a 200-bed premier healthcare centre for specialty medicine and a leading provider in medical tourism. Many expat retirees who reside in Bangkok are big fans of this hospital as they have doctors and nurses who are fluent in their communications with an English speaking crowd.
Bumrungrad International is also one of the few hospitals in Thailand that have achieved the coveted Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA). It treats more than 1 million patients every year. From normal medical check-ups to major surgeries, the hospital delivers high quality medical services with minimal waiting time.

Akesis Life Cancer Treatment Center

Akesis Life Cancer Treatment Center is based in Asoke, Bangkok. Integrative Oncology is fast becoming recognised as a strategic way to treat cancer without damaging other cells in the body. Dr Thomas Lodi has numerous centers around the world using his methods and Akesis Life in Bangkok is the latest center and receives patients from all around the world.

Phyathai Sriracha

Although it is around 90 minutes drive from Bangkok, Phyathai Sriracha is one of the best hospitals in Thailand and has a large international department with bilingual Thai and English staff. Many expats from all over Thailand favour Phyathai Sriracha for their medical treatment due to the excellent international facilities, caring medical staff and reasonable prices.

BNH Hospital (Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital)

Located on Convent Road, Silom, Bangkok, BNH Hospital is a modern hospital that operates accordingly to international standards. With the availability of over 100 beds, the hospital provides both inpatient and outpatient treatment services and its physicians are experienced in diverse fields of medicine.
With some of the latest and most sophisticated medical equipment in Thailand, BNH is able to provide medical care to patients from more than 70 countries. Some of their most celebrated medical divisions include the Senior Care Clinic, Heart Centre, Dental Clinic, Check-Up Centre, BNH Shoulder and Joint Centre and BNH Spine Centre.

Bangkok Hospital

With its main branch located at New Petchburi Rd., Hway Kwang, Bangkok, Bangkok Hospital is a medical care centre that has achieved the Joint Commission International Gold Seal of Approval and Hospital Accreditation (HA) of Thailand. This hospital has branches all over Thailand and operates under the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) brand.
Bangkok Hospital features world-renowned physicians that utilise the latest cutting-edge medical technology and has exceptional nursing staff members that have undergone overseas training who can provide patients with top quality medical care. The hospital strives to create a serene ambience for their patients who are mostly multi-cultural and from a variety of countries. There are also translators who are onboard and can speak over 30 different languages.

Yanhee General Hospital

Located on Charansanitwong Road, Bangplad, Bangkok, Yanhee Hospital is a Joint Commission International, USA accredited hospital that has multi-specialty treatment centres for the growing health needs of both locals and foreigners.
Although the hospital serves a vital niche in general medicine, it is more known for performing first-rated cosmetic surgeries, and is arguably the top cosmetic surgery hospital in Thailand. There is an English-speaking staff member at every department and counter to facilitate effective communication between the nurses and patients.

Siriraj Hospital

Located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok, Siriraj Hospital is the largest and oldest hospital in the country. With a capacity of up to 2,000 beds, the hospital is one of the country’s busiest medical centres that serve over 1 million patients annually. Owing to its excellent reputation, Siriraj’s tertiary care unit is the referral centre for all hospitals in the country. Siriraj Hospital is also well known because it is the designated hospital where King Bhumibol Adulyadej receives his regular medical treatment at.

Phyathai Hospital

Located at Sri-Ayudhaya Road, Phaholyothin Road, Phetkasem Road, Srirachanakorn 3 Road, and Nawamin Road, the Phyathai Group owns a chain of five hospitals that share the same goal – striving to provide the highest level of professional care through quality medical services.
Phyathai 1 Hospital provides all types of hospital services to expat patients. Phyathai 2 Hospital uses the latest medical equipment and technology, and has a hybrid operating room that facilitates brain and heart surgeries. Phyathai 3 Hospital was built to serve patients in the Thonburi area and provides comprehensive health services. Phyathai Nawamin targets the Nawamin area and has an international customer service team to address the needs of expats. Phyathai Siracha is located in Chonburi which is outside of Bangkok, and is popular with expat retirees in Pattaya.

Samitivej Hospital

With its main branch located at 133 Sukhumvit 49, Klongton Nua, Bangkok, the hospital is one of Thailand’s leading providers of healthcare services, and in Southeast Asia as well. The hospital’s facilities make it apt to provide anything from tertiary care to cosmetic services. Samitivej Sukhumvit utilises high-tech medical equipment such as the latest 64-slice CT scan and digital imaging, and can perform complex surgeries like liver transplants. This hospital is accredited by the Hospital Accreditation Board in Thailand and has received service awards such as the Prime Minister Award for Most Recognized Service.

AEK Udon International Hospital

Popular with expat in the north-eastern part of Thailand, this hospital has also achieved the Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA). It was established in 1997 and founded by medical doctors and prominent business individuals in Udon Thani. The hospital caters for a wide variety of healthcare services, including dental care, general surgery, neurology and more. Because of the distance, it is hard for expats to travel to Bangkok for their regular medical needs, and that’s why AEK Udon has become a top choice for those living up north.
Today, Thailand is experiencing a surge in medical tourism, and this helped to improve the medical standards in this country as well as attract top medical talent to work here. Many private hospitals in Thailand have well-recognised accreditation and can conduct advanced medical procedures so if you are considering retiring in Thailand, you can be assured that access to top tier medical care is guaranteed.

Bangkok Christian Hospital

Bangkok Christian Hospital was officially inaugurated in 1949 and is considered as a more modest hospital when compared to other private hospitals in Thailand. Its medical fees are significantly lower and it is popular with treatments pertaining to minor ailments. The hospitals have various departments that cater for medical care in gastroenterology, pulmonary, orthopedics, cardiology, radiology, surgery and ophthamology. It has branches outside of Bangkok, and because of its lower medical charges while still operating by international medical care standards, it has gained a significant following from expat retirees.

Paolo Memorial Hospital

Paolo Memorial Hospital was established more than 3 decades ago and offers healthcare services through state-of-the-art medical technology. Coupled with capable medical professionals and equipment, the hospital is a premier centre for medical services that aim to improve the quality of life for their patients.
The hospital supports various languages which include English, Arabic and Bangladesh. Its accreditations and awards also include the Hospital Accreditation of Thailand, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. You can also find the Paolo Memorial Hospital in three different locations, respectively Phaholyothin, Chokchai and Samut Prakarn.