If you are intending to take your Thai partner back home to the Emerald Isle, either to live or just for a holiday then there are certain points which you need to be aware of.

The climate in Ireland typically has three seasons which are cold, rainy and even colder. This is often a severe shock to the system for Asian visitors, so it is advisable to stock up on jeans, jackets and even a few thermals before you go. If your Thai partner is slightly built as many are, then they will find it difficult to buy clothes to fit and if you don’t take enough apparel with you then they may end up walking around in Minnie Mouse jeans or even worse.

Irish food has been developed over many centuries as a form of fuel to combat the adverse weather conditions. Needless to say it is filling, nutritious and sometimes stodgy but never, ever spicy! If your partner has a passion for chillies then you may need to stock up at the local Asian supermarket. Oriental Emporium in Dublin has an extensive range of authentic Thai ingredients, although these can be a little pricier than regular western cuisine.

One particular aspect of western lifestyle which Thai people find hard to adapt to is the closed community culture. We have a circle of family and friends in our everyday life which our hospitality rarely extends beyond. The days of street parties, neighbourhood events and local loyalty are well and truly over in most areas of the western world. However in Thailand, no-one would dream of hosting a celebration without inviting the whole village and in fact anyone who they ever had the slightest acquaintance with.

Obtaining a visa for a trip to Ireland can be fraught with problems and difficulties if not properly planned. It is advisable to seek the services of a visa advisor to at least assist with some of the application if not handle it all on your behalf. As soon you embark on a serious relationship with a Thai citizen you should start to collate evidence of a lasting and stable commitment such as documenting communication, photographs and if you live together – bills in joint names.