Most people would almost certainly agree that the most important thing when moving to a foreign country is to find out as much as possible about the lifestyle of the people already living there. There are vast differences between the lifestyles of people from Thailand and Ireland respectively.

The most obvious differences in moving to a foreign country are of course language, weather, cultural, political and religious. These topics can be studied and prepared for beforehand, however there is no substitute for getting to know a people from a different culture than your own than by both living with them and interacting with them at a social level.

One advantage that Thai people have is that their own culture is based on a tightknit family and social system and will find these values also to be of somewhat importance in Ireland compared to some other European countries. Ireland’s long old traditions of handwork and for the family looking out for each other stems from old industries such as working on the land and industrial industries like ship building. Nowadays modern industries like education, IT, and electronics have taken over; however old values and traditions are still strong.

Luckily for Thai people moving to Ireland, the Irish have a reputation for being friendly and welcoming and especially so to anyone who is genuinely interested in learning more about the country, as the Irish are fiercely proud of their history and heritage. Foreigners can be quite surprised by how much the Irish are willing and happy to welcome them to their country with genuine warmth and sincerity.

The Irish love to relax over a few drinks along with good conversation amongst friends and family. At weekends pubs and bars are full of people having a good time the length and breadth of the country. This is a great opportunity to meet people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The most famous drink in Ireland is “Guinness” and the locals will be pleased to enjoy a pint or two with you as you will be surprised at how interested they are to know about your own culture back in Thailand as you are in theirs. What better way is there in fitting into the Irish lifestyle than over a few beers.