It can be a daunting prospect if considering moving to any foreign country, however even more so if moving from a far eastern country for example Thailand to a country in Europe. There are many things to be taken into consideration and not just the obvious like culture, language and weather.

1. The Weather

Moving from the hot and sunny tropical climate of Thailand to the cooler temperatures of Ireland, coupled with the frequent wind and rain can take quite a bit of adjusting too. Winter nights are notoriously long with extended hours of darkness and can have a depressing effect on those neither experienced nor prepared for it. Although heavy rain can be common in the rainy season in Thailand it’s altogether quite different from driving rain and hail blown in by strong winds. By preparing for the worst you might be pleasantly surprised by how mild and sunny the weather can quite often be at times during the seasons.

2. Language

Although Ireland has its own language known as “Gaelic” English is most commonly spoken by the vast majority of the population. While you most likely will have been studying English diligently in preparation for moving to Ireland, getting used to the Irish accent may take quite a time to get used to and could be a problem in your first week. However, with patience and time your ear will adjust to the lovely Irish tones.

3. Food

Thailand is well known for its delicious and spicy food and eating is one of the most important events of the day for meeting with family and friends. Irish food is initially a bit bland for Thai people and takes time to get used too. Asides from eating in local Thai restaurants which can obviously be expensive the other alternative is to cook at home and impress your Irish friends with delicious Thai dishes.

4. Alcohol

If you enjoy a few drinks then you will most certainly appreciate the social life in Ireland. Irish people love to have a have a few beers with friends in the thousands of pubs which can be found all over the country. Ireland’s most famous drink is Guinness which is a dark stout ale and is consumed in copious amounts while passing the time in conversation and listening to lively Irish folk music.

5. The People

Thai people have a reputation for welcoming foreigners and the country is affectionately known as the “land of smiles”. This is something they can share in common with Ireland as the Irish hospitality is renowned the world over. Irish people are open, friendly and enjoy good conversation with a lot of humor know as “crack” with both friends and strangers. Thai people may find this behavior to be quite intimidating with complete strangers so try to approach with an open mind.