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Ireland fiancée visa for Thais

A very common request we have at Key Visa Company is to help our Irish clients not only with marriage in Thailand but also to apply for a fiancée visa which means that your intention is to marry your Thai partner in Ireland and not in Thailand which suits a lot of clients because it means they can have an Irish traditional wedding and all the family can also attend the wedding.

We can help you with the full application which means that your new bride will be able to live and reside with you in Ireland so that you can live happily as husband and wife.

Key Visa Company’s role in this service is to help you and your Thai fiancee through the process of going from fiancées living apart to husband and wife living together in a hassle free and quickest way possible. When you decide to accept our assistance, you will be glad that you did. All we have done for you will be apparent when you talk to others who have tried to go it alone and made small, costly mistakes with the necessary documents and using in experienced visa agents can be a disaster.

Why Use Key Visa Company?

  • Hassle free and a professional service from start to finish
  • No visa, no professional fee’s to pay
  • All documentation completed in a professional manner
  • Translations and presentation completed
  • English and Thai staff to help you through the process
  • Medical Insurance obtained and paid for in full
  • Application submitted on your Thai wife’s behalf so no need to go to Bkk
  • Airport Concierge for solo travellers (extra charges apply)

We take care of all online and paper application forms and associated letters and are completely hands-on from start to finish whilst constantly communicating to update local and overseas customers on the application progress so you can relax and leave it to us

An English owned and managed company with bilingual English / Thai staff who will help your Thai partner through the entire process with no hassle and full support from the beginning of the process right up until you receive your visa

We are a well respected company and affiliated with the Pattaya Expats club. Our team go above and beyond to offer simply the best visa service in Thailand with additional benefits not offered by any other company such as an airport concierge for solo travellers.

Why a holiday visa first?

This is because when your Thai fiancée arrives in Ireland she will be issued with a GNIB number by the Irish Immigration authorities and this number stays with her and is unique to your Thai partner, when you have this number it certainly helps to make future visa applications much simpler and you have a higher chance of success with her details already being on record.

It also gives your Thai fiancée the chance to return to Thailand on time showing the Irish Immigration that your fiancée is genuine and she returned on time making her Immigration credibility very good and in a strong position to apply for the Irish long stay visa. It helps to show that your intentions are genuine and that you are honorable applicants.

An Irish fiancée stay visa is not easy to obtain and we always advise applying for this visa once your Thai wife or partner has been to Ireland on holiday first this will give them the knowledge of Ireland and see the differences in the culture and the climate. Remember that a successful holiday visa with lots of photos will be a great asset to any future applications for long stay visas.

What is my Thai wife allowed to do in Ireland?

  • You are working and have been doing for at least 6-12 months and you canprove you have paid tax.
  • You receive pensions that are at a level to be able to take care of you and yourThai fiancée
  • You have suitable accommodation showing a rental agreement or a home mortgage statement and utility bills
  • You have a genuine and long lasting relationship that can be proved on paper

Main circumstances they wish to see from the Irish or EEU sponsor

  • Obtain a PPS number and work legally
  • Open bank accounts in her name
  • Utilize the Irish medical service
  • Having the fiancée visa is beneficial for your future wife and will help her to feel more settled.
  • She can work and help to build your lives together and help support her family.

Ireland fiancee visa for your Thai partner

  • We first start by advising the sponsor and the Thai applicant of the documents required on the telephone or by e-mail or fax making sure that both parties fully understand all the requirements.
  • Darren McGarry is the English speaking staff to deal with the sponsor and wehave Thai staff to deal with your Thai fiancée, which is important to make sure that document supplied to us are correct and complete.
  • We accurately prepare the online application and organize the visa application fee to pay.
  • We submit the visa application in Bangkok for your Thai fiancée.
  • We write all associated letters for you and your Thai fiancee to ensure the necessary wording.
  • We then get an application tracking number and check the status of the application every day until the decision has been made.
  • When the decision has been made we collect the application, passport and Irish visa on behalf of your Thai fiancée.
  • We advise you when the visa has been issued and the start date so you can prepare flights for your Thai fiancée which can be a one way flight to Ireland.

What happens after we are married?

After you are legally married in Ireland then the Irish Immigration will convert the fiancée
visa in to a long stay D visa allowing you to continue your lives together as man and wife which is what everyone aims for in the future so let us help.

The above is just a sample of what they wish to see when you are considering an Irish fiancée visa so going in blind can be difficult and can end up in tears.

When the visa has been awarded the documents and passport can be collected at our office, or we can post them to your Thai fiancées home if they so wish. This will prevent any unwanted travel to Pattaya.

We have 15 years experience in obtaining Irish fiancée visas with faultless accuracy and priceless experience so why go elsewhere.

For an Irish fiancée visa and all associated costs at very competitive rates and no hidden
agenda can you please contact us at [email protected] or call our office in
Thailand on +66 38 422 131


15 years of visa experience, honesty and integrity for both our Thai national and expat clients.


Nationwide service across Thailand, no matter where you live in the country we can solve your visa problems


No visa, no professional fee. If you don’t get the visa we don’t get paid – No hassle, no heartbreak.

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