Many expats come to Thailand and settle down to spend their life here in the Kingdom. Many find love here and want to spend the rest of their life with that special pers

But what if circumstances arose that made it impossible to stay here and they needed to move back to their country of origin?

This page lists some ways in which you can ensure that your Thai partner feels at home back in the United Kingdom.


Find Thai friends

The most likely negative feeling that your Thai partner will experience when settling in the United Kingdom is isolation.

The language barrier, climate and culture change and general separation from their family can be very daunting for some Thais that move away from their home country.

Try to find some Thais already living in the U.K. for your Thai partner to interact with. This will at least give them an opportunity to speak their own language and find common ground.

Let’s be honest, how many people could spend the rest of their lives in Thailand spending all their time with only Thai people, speaking only Thai? Probably very few.


Find a good Thai restaurant

good thai restaurantOne good thing about the United Kingdom these days is the cosmopolitan, international feeling it has, with people of all cultures mixing together in one place.

Almost every big city has a Chinese district, an Indian district and now there are more Thai people living in cities in the U.K.

With this we become spoilt for choice in where we can eat, and the quality of Thai food is excellent.

Be sure to treat your partner every now and again to make sure that they experience that taste of home. Going from delicious Thai food to bland English food can be a shock for almost anyon


Ensure that your partner has access to their family back in Thailand.

It is a fact that most Thai people are far more family orientated than British people. Indeed the same could be said for most Asian people, when compared with most westerner

Whilst we may go weeks or months before calling back to friends or family, Thai people are used to living in close proximity to, if not with, their families.

That is why it is very important to ensure that your Thai partner has access to communications with their Thai family. If they cannot speak to their family you may find it causes problems for you both back in the U.

Setting up a good internet connection from the United Kingdom is really easy and most Thai families have internet at home. If they don’t have internet it might be well worth investing in some for your partner’s family before you go back to the U.K.

If done thoughtfully the transition into life in the U.K. can be really quite enjoyable and open a new chapter in your lives.