Having your Thai partner leave her home country to settle into a new life in Australia is always a challenge, especially if she’s not familiar with the language. However, if you plan your relocation carefully, arrange the paperwork, sort out all details and take care of the financial aspects, this could prove to be an amazing experience for both of you.

Considering that you’re starting your new lives from scratch, the first weeks and months can be chaotic. While scary at first, ensuring your fiancé or wife feels right at home in Australia is not impossible. Following are some tips to help you adjust to your new life successfully.


Overcoming the language barrier

Perhaps the biggest challenge she will face during the first months of living in Australia is dealing with the language barrier and an entirely different pace of life. This is especially true if she doesn’t speak English at all. Until she learns the Australian English, it’s highly advisable to be there for her and help her with the simple tasks.

Not only can you sign her up for English lessons, but you should also take the time to practice with her on a daily basis. Moreover, you should encourage her to chat with neighbours, the mailman or the local grocer, so she can improved her language skills. This way she will be one step closer to really settling in and feeling at home in Australia.


Learning the social-cultural norms in Australia

As in all other contexts, being informed will make life a lot easier. In addition to helping her learn the language, you should also help her get accustomed to local business etiquette, informal and formal social norms, cultural values and anything else you find relevant to the typical Australian lifestyle, so she can get an idea about what she can expect. While these are just the basics, the rest will come in time and rest assured your Thai fiancé or wife will start to settle in soon.


Spend time together by planning local trips

Even though you will be rather busy making yourselves at home in the new apartment or house at first, all the decorating and unpacking will be over at some point. Frankly, this is the best opportunity to help her get to know the neighbourhood and the local attractions. In addition to planning longer trips during the weekend, you can also wander around the neighbourhood without going anywhere in particular.