UK lifeMany of us come to Thailand to live out the rest of our days in the sun. Often this happens and many people live their whole lives here and love every minute of it.

Sometimes, though, the plan changes for one reason or another, after a few years in Thailand.

What happens if you need to move back to your ‘home’ country? How long will it take for you to settle back into the swing of things? This pages looks at some ways to make the transition to life back in the United Kingdom quicker and easier.


Find a job

The first thing that most of us need to do when returning back home is to find a job, due to financial reasons.

On the whole the U.K. is far more expensive than Thailand. In Thailand you may get away with kicking back all day and spending little. At home that is unlikely to happen.

Much more than that you may find yourself feeling isolated when you return home, particularly if you have been in Thailand several years.

Finding a job puts some purpose into your life and makes it easier to find new friends, making the transition back into your old life that little bit easier.


Get reacquainted with old friends

Most of us stay in touch with our friends from home regardless of how long we are away for.

It is easy to keep in touch with people from anywhere in the world now, due to internet and general communication technological advancements.

That said there is nothing better than chatting with your old friends over a pint in your old local pub, to make you feel like you are home again.

There is no doubt, moving back home after a spell in Thailand is going to be difficult, but good friends can make it so much easier, before long you’ll feel like you’d never left.


Make plans to come back

It is likely that you’ll miss the Land of Smiles after you return home, even if only from time to time.

Who wouldn’t miss the relaxed atmosphere and tropical heat every day?

Most people who return to the United Kingdom after a long spell in Thailand make plans to come back to Thailand, even if only to visit for a holiday.

Some go one step further and going ‘home’ is just a part of a bigger plan to come back to live in Thailand at a later date.

Whatever your situation, knowing that you will come back to this country we all love makes going home a lot, lot easier.