When you decide to migrate to Australia, you have to get down to the serious ‘job’ of looking for a job. You may have skills that are in demand but you need to know that job offers will not necessarily chase you down. Unless you managed to find a job before coming to the country, you need to put some effort into finding employment, knowing that you may not have the relevant local experience. The following tips will help you to get the break you need.


  1. Prepare your resume

    The first thing that you need to do is have a resume that prospective employers will understand. This means that you should take the time to understand the industry so that you can understand the context for your resume. Include information about the places or markets you have worked in and remember that comparing them to well known Australian companies can help. You should start your search in companies or organizations that are similar to those you worked in previously.

  2. Rely on professional resume writing services if you need

    It is important to have a good resume and for this, you should consider using professional resume writing services. A good review of your resume will help you to make any necessary improvements. If you decide to use the online services, make sure that you deal with the best websites. Go for local Australian resume writers as they would know the best way to impress the local employers.

  3. Remember persistence pays

    When looking for a job, you have to know that persistence is necessary. You should be prepared to put in the work during your job search. This will include sending out as many applications as possible, using the services of recruitment consultants and talking to potential employers. Sending out one application and hoping for the best will not do you much good. Try as much as possible to build useful relationships.

  4. Be creative in your job search

    You need to be creative when searching for a job so that you can find the ideal position. Socialising with the locals is a great way to find job opportunities. Join a gym or club or build networks where you can get contacts and look for opportunities to volunteer in different events. Making yourself visible will help you. You never know who you will meet when you put yourself out there.

  5. Register with an employment agency for temporary work

    If you haven’t found a permanent job yet, it would be wise to get temporary work so that you can get as much local experience as possible. This will serve you well when the time comes for a permanent job opening and you will be able to use your local experience to sway your potential employers further.