You might not have known this, but every country has strange laws that might provoke puzzled reactions to laughter from the masses. While most of them might not be enforced strictly, the fact that they still appear in the legal records makes for some entertaining reading. Following are some strange laws in Australia that will definitely make your day!


    • Do not touch that bulb

      Unless you are a licenced electrician, you should not think about changing that bulb! This is a difficult procedure that can only be carried out by someone with the relevant training and experience.

    • Road safety regulations

      It is illegal to leave your keys in the car when you walk into the store. There is no telling what the car can decide to do in your absence!

    • Watch what you wear

      It is illegal to be clad in black clothes, a pair of felt shoes plus a face full of black shoe polish. These are clearly signs of a criminal intent that should be avoided by all law-abiding citizens. So, you need to remember that having an article of disguise without a good excuse is illegal!

    • Using a footpath

      Be careful where you walk as it is against the law to ‘walk on the right side of the path’. Watch your steps any time you need to use a footpath in order to avoid arrest.


  • Smoking rules

    Minors are allowed to smoke but by no means should they attempt to buy cigars. If they could just get them delivered, that should be alright!

  • Trot to the bar

    You should not worry when you decide to ride your horse to the bar. Bars are required to stable, feed and water their patron’s horses, yes Sir!

  • Hot pink pants!

    Choose your outfit wisely on Sundays as it is illegal to wear hot pink pants after midday. A quick wardrobe change before noon can keep you out of trouble!

  • Taxicab business

    Do not think of going into the taxi business if you do not know where to get hay! Taxicabs are required to have a bale of hay in the vehicle truck. Never mind why!

These are just a few of the strange laws out there and it would be interesting to see how some of them would be enforced. Oh, for final words, when you decide to go swimming at Brighton beach, remember to carry your neck to knee swimsuit and while you are at it, do not come within 100 metres of any dead whales and you may not trade with pirates!