Australia Marriage Service in Thailand


Getting married in Thailand for most Nationalities including an Australian marriage can be a daunting task which is why it is a good idea to use the services of Key Visa to help you obtain the affirmation to marry and get the documents complete so you can marry legally in Thailand.

Most foreigners make the mistake when they do not travel to the Australian Embassy to get their affirmation to marry which we help you do at key Visa and our services include obtaining the affirmation to marry, then translate to Thai and then get it stamped by the Ministry of foreign affairs,

After the above has been cleared which takes 3-4 days we then take you to the registry office in Banglamung Thailand and finish the marriage. Once you are legally married we then translate the certificates to English.

Now you must ask yourself do you want this hassle when you can pay 12,000 baht and have it all done for you.