A major concern for Thai’s who either visit the U.K. on holiday, or who decide to live there permanently is the weather!

Below we will look at the four seasons you will have to contend with.


This season lasts from March to May and is when the countryside is in full bloom.

While it can be chilly if you dress up warmly and go for a walk in the country you will be amazed at the beautiful scenery.

During the Spring season you will encounter sunshine, rain showers, and wind, but for a bracing experience you really must get out and walk through the parks or woodland.


Summer is generally classed as being from June to August, and this is when you will find the hottest weather.

Temperatures can reach 32 degrees centigrade (90 degrees Fahrenheit), but generally should be around 21 degrees (70 degrees Fahrenheit).

This is the time you can relax in the garden in your shorts and t-shirt, and a visit to the seaside is a must.

Be warned though that while there are some beautiful beaches all around the U.K. the water is nowhere near as warm as it is in Thailand!

Mind you that does not stop the hardy Brits taking a dip!


Lasting from September to the end of November this really is a beautiful time in the U.K.

It is when the leaves on the trees start to change colour, and a visit to the countryside to walk amongst the trees is a thoroughly enjoying experience.

Remember to wrap up warm as Winter is on its way!


This is the coldest time of the year in the U.K. and it lasts from December to February.

Temperatures can drop below freezing point which is 0 degrees centigrade (32 degrees Fahrenheit) but generally hover around 4 degrees centigrade.

Please believe me; this is cold!

You will also find snow falling.

If it is your first experience of seeing snow you must get yourself well wrapped up, and get out for some sledging and snowman building.

Young and old join in the fun, and it really is a fantastic time.

It is also an exciting one as on December 25th it is Christmas Day, and this really is a festive time of the year.

Family and friends all get together over the long holiday season and generally have a whale of a time!


No matter which season you choose to visit the U.K. there is little doubt that the weather will be a shock to you at first, but please remember that as long as you dress sensibly and get out and about you should have the time of your life!