Many Thai people are lured to the United Kingdom as the countries within the Kingdom are perceived to hold great wealth and prosperity. Whilst some Thai people never find fortune in the U.K. and never adapt to life there, many do and many now call the U.K. their home. This page lists the top 5 cities for Thai people to live in within the United Kingdom.


At the top of the list of desirable cities for virtually any foreigner moving to the United Kingdom must be London. Most foreigners’ images of the United Kingdom, as a whole, are based around Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the Tower of London and other London landmarks. London has an immense Thai immigrant population and various Thai communities. This is attractive for Thais moving to the U.K. as they are able to mingle with their fellow countrymen and speak their own language.

Couple this with the fact that there are more Thai restaurants than anywhere else in the United Kingdom, providing employment for Thai immigrants, and it’s easy to see why most Thai’s head for London.


With a large Thai community and the fact that many Thai people’s favourite football team is there, Manchester comes a close second to London. Many Thais dream of visiting Old Trafford once, but some settle in Manchester and get to go to every home game. Whilst the rain may put a lot of Thais off living in Manchester, some are able to deal with it and now call the city their home.


The most cosmopolitan and immigrant populated city in Scotland, Edinburgh is an attractive option to many Thais looking to move to the U.K. For some the cold in Scotland is just too much to deal with, but others seem to enjoy getting wrapped up in the cold weather, as opposed to being constantly sweltering. Again there many employment opportunities in Edinburgh for Thai people, due to the wealth of Thai run businesses in the city.


Still England’s second city, Birmingham has changed a lot in recent years. Once a drab looking urban eyesore, the Birmingham of today is vibrant and beautiful. With lots of Thai restaurants and immigrants living in parts of the city, Birmingham, like London, is an easy place for a Thai to migrate to.


Surprisingly, the small city of Bath has a large number of Thai people living there. The city has a vibrant and seemingly very content Thai community. Bath is a beautiful place for anyone to visit, residents of the United Kingdom included. With its more laid back ways, when compared to the big U.K. cities, and the moderately milder climate in the South West of England, it isn’t difficult to see how Bath may suit many Thais.