There are some places where you can get away with hailing a cab/taxi by whistling, but not in Ireland, as it is considered rude. Risk doing it and you might not even get to catch a ride! The aforementioned situation depicts one of the scenarios where a newcomer who’s arriving to a new country must take note, and that might just be you. But let’s do it in a much more fun way, here are 5 of the things newcomers should know before coming over to Ireland, never mind if you are from Thailand, or any place else!

Joining in for legal fun

Sometimes you might hear from someone asking you: “Hey, do you want to have some craic tonight?” Don’t call the cops just yet, because they aren’t trying to drug you or get you into any legal trouble. They only meant to ask if they can get you to follow them to somewhere for some real Irish fun!

Be yourself – Don’t try too hard

For non-natives who try to imitate the local Irish accent, it’s quite an unappreciated gesture. You may instead sound silly, and the pretence may irk some natives. So stay natural and go with your original accent, that might make others more interested to know about you and your culture.

Nothing left with the push of one button

In some countries, you may need to choose between a half-flush or full-flush, but in Ireland, you will only need to flush lightly just once. With the help of ultra modern toilet amenities, that one tiny push of the button or handle will be enough to carry all that waste away!

Be a yes-man/woman for tea during house visits


If you’ve previously liked coffee, you ought to know that the preference will translate into tea over in Ireland. Never turn down a cup of good Irish tea in someone’s house, as it offends the kind gesture of the natives. If you’re offered a ‘sangwhich’ – a sandwich – smile and gladly accept it too!

Picking up a new ‘poison’ – But know your limits

What’s your poison tonight? Irish natives love to drink Guinness, and it is in their tradition to have this preference. It’s nice, but make sure you can stomach it well – learn to stop if you feel funny at any one time. You wouldn’t want to be the one who spends more than an hour occupying the one and only available toilet, in a local pub.

There are many more fun facts that you can read up on pertaining to this topic. But we felt that these 5 were pretty amusing to start with. So get your facts right, and you will be well on your way in settling down into this new culture and Irish life!