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Useful info on visas for Thai Nationals

In a series of moves meant to discourage rampant border-running, the Thai immigration authority enacted new rules, and begun enforcing already extant rules, in 2014 regarding visa on arrival exemption stamps and visa extensions. It has long been a practice of foreigners who wish to extend their legal stay in … Read More

Bar Girl Archetypes – The Good, the Bad, and Everything in Between
What are you looking for in a bar girl?
The term “bar girl” refers to the ladies working at the entertainment establishments in places like our very … Read More

Making A Thai Wills
In my experience with dealing with a lot of the expat community in pattaya the task of obtaining a last will & testament seems to be a subject they do not wish to talk about or is put at the bottom of the list of … Read More

Being refused a UK visa both UK tourist and UK settlement is a heart wrenching thing and most people tend to take it personally and start shouting at the Embassy or sending unwelcome e-mails because they do not agree with the decision that has been given by the … Read More

Q, Can a UK Tourist visa be granted to a Thai lady who worked in a Bar?
A, The answer is yes of course a UK tourist visa for a Thai national is open to all applicants as long as they have the correct … Read More

This page is designed to give tips on a visa to the UK which is trying to advise you of constant mistakes that are made when applying for a UK visa application so do not make mistakes have a read…. Read More

It is very common when you apply for a 6 month tourist visa to Australia for your Thai partner to be … Read More

Australian fiancée and settlement visas can be very difficult without adding salt to the wounds but I would just like to inform you that if you are currently or thinking of applying for your Thai partner, girlfriend or spouse to Australia on a settlement visa the process works … Read More

After years of a change a number of our clients who wish to submit a visa application to Australia seem to think that … Read More

This page is designed to give you tips when applying for an Australian visa for your Thai partner including a tourist visa and also an Australian Migration visa and also it gives you details of unpublished rules that are obtained through experience of dealing with visa applications to … Read More

Non Immigrant visa obtained in Pattaya finished
Non Immigrant visas awarded to foreigners wishing to convert to a retirement visa has been a service promoted and done by the Jomtien Immigration for nearly 8 years which has now ceased. I have refrained from writing this post for … Read More

Key Visa Company the one stop visa shop
Key Visa Company feel that due to their special service offered to clients and their reputation they have grown in strength to … Read More

Retirement in Thailand safety tips
Coming to retire in Thailand the land of smiles can be a wonderful thing with plenty of fun all year round sunshine and an abundance of beautiful women wanting to take care of you so what more could you ask… Read More

UK- Ireland visa deal announced but not for Thai’s
The Home Secretary today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Republic of Ireland to … Read More

Australian medical for my Thai wife
Full body medicals are now only done predominately after your Thai wife has submitted their application for a partner visa to Australia and this is to ascertain whether your Thai wife has any physical problems that could end up … Read More