Why not marry my Thai girlfriend


Why not marry my Thai girlfriend

Why not marry my Thai girlfriend? Many men in their 50’s arrive in Pattaya Thailand for a two week holiday and end up with more than they bargained for. The Asian charm is too much for some of the men and they end up like a teenager in love – all over again. Many of the relationships are no more than a holiday romance, with all memories left at the airport as the man returns home to the UK. Some relationships go that much futher and some men find on their return to the UK that this new Thai love is calling.

The strength of the call is too much and a return trip to Thailand is planned. The next trip to Thailand only strengthens the relationship bringing the Thai lady and British man closer together. When the British man returns to the UK the reality of the situation kicks in, the love might well be true, but the amount of work days allowed for holidays are now used up and it will be another six to twelve months before the next work holidays are granted and the love starved man can return to Thailand to see his Asian dream.

It is times like this when a greater understanding of the UK Immigration laws come in Handy, put the correct pegs in the corrects holes and you have cracked it, a Visa in the passport and your asian lover be your side in the UK.

This brings me to the Question – why not marry my Thai girlfriend?

Just because a British man is married to a Thai lady does not guarantee a visa for the Thai bride to travel to the UK for either a holiday or to live. Even after marriage there are certain immigration rules that you both must fulfill before a visa will be granted. If the only reason you are getting married is to help with a visa application, this is a huge mistake.

Thai relationship in the UK

A relationship that works in the playground of Pattaya may not be as good in the grey of the UK, firstly Thai ladys find the cold of England very difficult to cope with and the lack of friends and family often leaves the Thai lady lonely and isolated.

When you marry a Thai lady, she will have all of the rights a UK wife would have, assets pension etc. The best advice is always to take it easy and take it slow, Chi Chi as they say in Thailand – Slowly Slowly. It is best to walk before you run, so start with a Tourist Visa or a Fiancee Visa.

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