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What visa should my Thai wife apply for?

The visa that your Thai wife should apply for depends on what she would like to do. If she is ready to move away from her family friends and home to find a new life some 6 thousand miles away then the most obvious visa would be

The three named visas above are one in the same, they are different names for the same visa.
As a sponsor you will have to demonstrate to the embassy that you will be able to provide sufficient financial support for your Thai wife before they will even begin to consider such an application. The irony is, when granted this visa, your Thai wife would be able to come to the UK and work full time helping to bring money into the home.

People on state pensions or incapacity benefits will not be able to sponsor such a visa and in this case this type of visa would not be recommended.

The other option available would be the visitors – tourist visa which still asks for sufficient financial support for your Thai wife, but as she will only be staying the UK for a small period of time, the amount of money needed to demonstrate that your wife will not be a burden on the UK state is much less. People on state pensions or incapacity benefits will be able to apply for this type of visa. Though this visa does have its obstacles, if your Thai wife has not job in Thailand then the visa office could take the view that she has little to return to Thailand for and more to stay in the UK, in this situation the visa would be denied.