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A UK Settlement visa is a visa that allows you to live in the UK with your Thai partner as man and wife. The criteria for this visa are that you have to be legally married in Thailand. The Settlement visa is a 2 year and 9 months visa which can be extended in the UK without your Thai wife having to return to Thailand, however, your wife is allowed to return to Thailand for holiday purposes to visit family.

A UK Settlement visa allows your Thai wife to work legally and obtain a National Insurance number and be eligible for free NHS care and sign on with your local doctor and do pretty much the same as an English wife. Your Thai wife cannot claim benefits which is actually stated on the visa as no recourse to any public funds. As the UK sponsor, your job is to financially take care of your Thai wife for the duration of your lives together in the UK.

UK Settlement visas do cement your relationship and allow you to build your lives together in the UK permanently without the fear of looking over your shoulder. To obtain a UK Settlement visa there is a financial criteria which we have detailed elsewhere on the site and these rules were introduced in late 2012.

They are designed to prove to the British Government that you can financially take care of your Thai wife including being in employment or living off of pensions, but it mainly comes down to being able to prove that you are earning enough before tax which is 18,600 GPB. This is the level set by the British Government.

To obtain a UK Settlement visa we always advise getting professional help and at Key Visa we are specialists with the documentation and the presentation of the visa application. The application is done is two stages, The first being the online visa application and then the financial application which we call the separate appendix. One mistake on these forms and you lose the application and also the Embassy fee paid, so let us take the stress away and process the UK Settlement visa for you.

Below we have given details of our service and costings for the Settlement visa application

Our service offered for a UK Settlement visa for your Thai partner

  • We first start by advising the sponsor and the Thai applicant of the documents required on the telephone or by e-mail or fax making sure that both parties understand fully the requirements
  • We make sure your Thai wife has changed her passport into your surname if this has not been done then we help with obtaining the new passport
  • We have English staff to deal with the sponsor and Thai staff to deal with your partner which is important to make sure that document supplied are correct and complete
  • When the documents are received we collate and do the translations that are needed
  • We advise if we feel any documents are missing or if there is anything that needs amending and work with the client until the documents are correct
  • Whilst awaiting documents to arrive we train your Thai wife ready for her A1 English test and with our knowledge we can guarantee that your Thai wife will pass the test without any hassle
  • We book the test appointment and then take your Thai wife for the exam the certificate is then posted back to our office at Key Visa Company
  • We book your Thai wife to go for her tuberculosis x-ray which is done online and a date has to be booked we then take your wife for the x-ray.
  • We prepare the online application for the client with no mistakes and saying the correct things
  • We write all associated letters for you and your Thai partner as we know the wording needed
  • We book the appointment to submit the visa application with your Thai partner in Bangkok and make sure your Thai wife is word perfect
  • We make sure that your Thai partner says the correct information to the Officers which is important when submitting the visa application as a short report is done
  • We then get an application tracking number and check the status of the application every day until the decision has been made
  • When the decision has been made on the visa application we then will collect the application and passport and visa on behalf of your Thai wife from the visa application center in Bangkok
  • We then advise you when the visa has been issued and the start date so you can prepare flights for your wife which for a Settlement visa can be a one way flight
  • We train your lady also how to speak correctly and say the correct information to the Immigration in the UK when she lands and what documents she must take to the UK with her


When the visa has been awarded the documents and passport can be collected or we can post to your Thai wifes home if they so wish and do not wish to travel to Pattaya.

For a UK Settlement visa our total fee for all of the above is 95,000 Thai baht and included in our fee is all costings incurred during the visa application fee including Embassy fee, translations etc. and no increase in the quoted price.

Our company policy is you only pay a5,000 baht deposit to get the processstarted and then no more money until the visa has been awarded and is in your hand. There is no financial risk to you or your partner as stated on our home page. So when the visa has been awarded, you pay the 90,000 baht remaining. So for us No visa No pay and we take the financial risk.

Please note as an addition to the above price the client is requested to pay for their English A1 test which is currently 7,000 Thai baht as this is their test that they keep for life and is the only item that is not included in our costing. We prepare your wife and take her for the test and do everything to guarantee a pass.