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Normally after a holiday visa we have found ourselves helping clients for many years with a legal marriage and a settlement visa application for their Thai wife/partner. We take all the pressure away from the client with the full marriage package and then the settlement visa and we take it all from start to finish. With this package if we do the settlement visa for you, we do the legal marriage for Free so you get legally married for no extra cost and you pay only for the visa when it has been awarded. This means that there is no financial risk and a hassle free service for you both.

I have given details on the marriage service we do first.

  • You both come to our office and we prepare the Affirmation to marry for the foreigner which means you are free to marry
  • You then go and carry on with your holiday and my staff take the paperwork and have it translated to Thai and take it to Bangkok to get it stamped by the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs which means the document is legitimate and it takes approx 4 days to complete.
  • When the document are ready my staff pick up the documents from Bangkok and bring back to Pattaya
  • We then contact your Thai Girlfriend and make arrangements to take you to the Banglamung Registry Office which is 10 minutes from Pattaya and get you legally married which takes approx 30 minutes
  • After the marriage we translate the marriage certificate in to English and have it certified so the whole process is hassle free for you both.

If the foreigner has been married or widowed previously you need to bring to Thailand your original certificate “not a copy” and your original passport which you will have with you anyway.

After marriage we then work on the settlement visa application

A UK settlement visa is now a 2 year and 9 month visa and means that you are already legally married in Thailand to your Thai wife and you wish to settle and live together in the UK. The benefits of this visa is your Thai wife can then work and get a National Insurance number and open bank accounts etc. The only thing that is not permitted is requesting Government benefits, tax child credit is allowed if you have a child together that is a British Citizen as this is a permitted benefit.

Most of the time we would advise a client to apply for this visa after they have been for a holiday first because mainly it is felt that your Thai girlfriend/ fiancée/ wife has to experience the UK first and the un written sentiment of the Embassy is the same. Why should they be given the full benefit of living in the UK if they have not experienced the UK previously, but we will always deal with a clients request as not everybody’s circumstances are the same. We will work around your wishes. What we see most of our clients do is go for a 6 month holiday first and then return to Thailand and marry legally to their Thai wife and then apply for a UK settlement visa as you have spent time together in the UK and know that your Thai wife will settle with ease.

Included in the UK Settlement visa application there are three major factors to consider including the A1 English test which was introduced in November 2009 and also the mandatory Tuberculosis test and these are not to be feared as 99% of our clients pass both the English test and the Tuberculosis x ray first time. The main fear is the financial criteria which we have a separate section on this page but the main aspect is they wish to see that you have earnings of 18,600 pounds per year before tax or a lump sum of 67,500 pounds in the bank that has been there for 6 months if no income or pensions or your pensions adding up to the sum of 18,600 pounds.

There is now two application forms to complete including the on line application and also a separate Appendix regarding financial so it has been made fairly difficult now if you are trying to apply alone without professional help and you definitely need it with this style of application.

Our service offered for a UK Settlement visa for your Thai partner

  • If you are married already that is fine if not and you wish us to do the settlement visa   application we do the legal marriage for free.
  • We first start by advising the sponsor and the Thai applicant of the documents required
  • We have English staff to deal with the sponsor and Thai staff to deal with your partner
  • When the documents are received we collate and do the translations involved
  • We change your Thai wife’s passport in to the sponsors surname
  • We advise if we feel any documents are missing or if there is anything that needs amending
  • We take them to Bangkok for their A1 English exam
  • We book the appointment and take your Thai wife for their tuberculosis x ray
  • We prepare the online application for the client
  • We prepare the separate financial appendix
  • We write all associated letters for you and your Thai partner
  • We book the appointment to submit the visa application with your Thai partner
  • We make sure that your Thai partner says the correct information which is important
  • We then get a tracking number and check the status of the application every day
  • When the decision has been made we then will collect the application and passport and visa on behalf of your Thai partner
  • We then advise you when the visa has been issued and the balance of monies is paid
  • We train your lady also how to be polite and say the correct information to the Immigration in the UK when the documents and passport have been collected or we can post to your Thai partner’s home if they so wish.