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I want your website readers to be aware of my story which started one year ago in Pattaya Thailand when I fell in love with my Thai girlfriend. I had traveled to Thailand many times but never wished to fall in love until I met my Thai girlfriend at a party. She was not working in a Thai bar she worked in a solicitor’s office, receiving a good monthly salary so very respectful you would imagine.

I fell in love with my Thai girlfriend and visited her in Pattaya on 3 separate occasions. Finally I made the decision to sell up in the UK, selling everything that I had ever owned. Then sending the money to my Thai bank account and following shortly after on a one way flight with Thai airways.

Arriving in Thailand with nowhere to live, getting bored of hotel life, My Thai girlfriend as they all do convinced me to buy a small home which was put in her name. I now know this was a mistake, but at the time because of my love for my Thai girlfriend I could not help myself.

We moved into the house together and made it a place to be called home. The first year was fantastic, my new lover took care of me and I loved her more than my own life.

8 months into my life, we went to visit my Thai girlfriends family in the village. This was a real shock to me. I had never seen before people living in such poverty. To be honest I felt ashamed that I had life so good, yet my girlfriends family were living in extreme poverty.

Without encouragement, I single handedly made the decision to tear down the family shack in the village and build a new house with running water and electric. I had committed to paying for all of the building work. The new home was to be built big enough to fit the family including

  • Mum and Dad
  • 3 Sisters
  • 3 Brothers.

Thai Brother

The house had been completed and we were back in our honeymoon love nest in Pattaya. My girlfriend asked if her Thai brother could move down with us in Pattaya, giving him some where to stay until he found full time work, then he would find a place of his own.

I had previously met her brother while in the village. He was a polite and gentle man, therefore I had no worries or concerns about helping him and his family out. Actually I thought him coming to Pattaya to get work would remove some of the burden from my girlfriend; she was the only person that was able to support the family.

Thai Brother Moved to Pattaya

With my total agreement he moved to Pattaya and into our home. He arrived and we settled him in and my Thai girlfriend took him around Pattaya to find work which for some reason he was finding difficult. I found this strange as it seems there is always a lot of work available in Pattaya.

Thai girlfriend and her Thai brother

The trips out to find work slowed down until I found myself sharing a house with my Thai girlfriend and her Thai brother. On a daily basis he was sat in my home doing nothing but watching Thai TV and drinking my beer. Eventually this got me down, so I mentioned it politely to my Thai girlfriend. I was shocked as she defended him to the hilt saying he was trying his best.

During this time our relationship seemed to start to die. Everywhere we traveled, shops, beach, bars etc the Thai brother had to come with us which I found very strange. I was unhappy with it but tried my best to accepted it.

More and more my Thai girlfriend would sit and drink with her brother until it became every night. There they say on my the balcony of my dream home drinking and speaking Thai while I sat inside isolated, becoming a prisoner in my own home.

Pattaya has some of the best golf courses in the world. In the UK I could not afford to play on such high quality courses. To beat the boredom I played golf about three times every week. Setting off early in the morning to try to beat the midday heat and arriving home early evening.

On one day I realised on the way to the golf course that I had forgot my golf shoes. Unlike the UK some courses you cannot play without the correct clothing, so I changed direction and headed home to collect them.

On arriving home, I was surprised to see my girlfriends car still on the drive. Normally she sets off to work at 9am. I entered the house to hear my girlfriend having what sounded like sex. I couldn’t make sense of the situation, my mind was racing at 100 miles an hour while walking to the bedroom, who could possibly be in there with her ?

I opened the bedroom door, with the sight before me I physically felt sick, and there was the apple of my eye banging away with her brother. Yes she was sleeping with her Thai brother.

“What is going on” I shouted, “ you are sick, you are sleeping with your Brother? Your brother? What type of family are you?”

The look of shock on their face was nothing to the look of disgust on mine. My thai girlfriend jumped off the bed holding the sheet around her leaving her brothers named body exposed.

“You don’t understand” she said, “Its not what you think”

Not to bore you with the complete shouting argument that we had, but the brother finally shouted

“She not my sister, she my wife” followed by “She not love you, she only want your money, now you must leave”

I couldn’t believe it, he was telling me to get out of my own house.

The final outcome of these events.

The Thai Brother was infact the Thai Husband

I had purchased two houses, one for the Thai family and one for us. The mistake I had made was that I had put the house into My thai girlfriends name, so infact it was her house. The same was for the two cars. I went to the police to complain, they asked whos name are the houses and cars in, as I replied I realized that I had really messed up.

I am still in Pattaya, but now renting a cheap room and riding a motor bike, with most of my savings gone. I am now forced to live off my pension, but I will never be able to afford a nice house or car again. I feel real stupid.

My advice to anyone out there, if you are buying a house or car in Pattaya you can buy it in your own name. Well the house I think has to be in a company name..

There are some real relationships here in Thailand between Thai ladies and expats, but not all that glitters is gold, as I found out.

A Thai brother may not be a brother, but a husband, and a Thai girlfriend maybe somebody else’s wife. A houses in somebody elses name is there house.