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I have just had a terrible experience whilst trying to renew my Thai retirement visa. I thought that my retirement visa finished on the 5th December but it actually was my 90 day report slip I was looking at and not my retirement visa which meant that I was ten days overstay when I wanted to renew. What can I do?

Terrible experience whilst trying to renew my Thai retirement visa

This is an alarming occurrence at the moment, we have seen numerous cases where the client has presumed that there visa finish date was not the ink stamp in there passport but was the 90 day report date.
Please be aware that your 90 day report date does not always run perfectly with your one year visa. In most cases your 90 day report date will run past your retirement visa date.
For renewing any long stay one year visa’s you should always check the ink stamp in your passport and go by that date.

For your 90 day report go by the date on the white TM47 paper stapled into your passport.

I would advise you to go to your immigration office and point out your mistake and normally they will allow you to pay the overstay and retain your visa.