Is It Difficult To Get A New UK Passport?

Is It Difficult To Get A New UK Passport

Is It Difficult To Get A New UK Passport?

If you do not know how to go about it, it can be really a hassle to apply for a new UK passport. However, the process of getting a new UK passport is made easier when you work with an experienced company like Key Visa Thailand who provides a wide range of UK visa services.

How to Apply for a New UK Passport

There are a series of processes you need to do online. Firstly, you will be asked key questions to know the type of passport you are applying for. The embassy needs to know whether you are applying for a new one or renewing an old one. You will need to provide personal information for the owner of the passport which in this case is you. A chance to correct the given information is provided then you are shown the amount you need to pay.

You will then submit your card details then pay the full amount. Once paid, print out the declaration form and other guidance forms. You are at liberty to save the form and reprint it. Thirdly, sign the printed declaration form. You will be guided on where to send it. This will also include instruction on what documents to include, the number and type of photos to be sent and whether or not a counter signatory is needed.

Once you have submitted the information and paid the full amount needed, a personalized declaration pack is provided for you to download and print. This will tell you what to do next and what to send back. Your application will not be processed unless you submit your complete and signed declaration form together with your documents and photos (as specified in the declaration form). If they are not submitted 90 days (an estimate of 3 months) from the date of download, your application will be withdrawn. It is to be noted that the submitted payments will not be refunded.

Information You Need to Complete The Online Application

If your parents (whether biological or adoptive) or guardians have British passports, indicate their passport numbers, their dates and respective places of birth and date of marriage if applicable. If you were born outside the UK and or your parents were born on or after 1 January 1983, details of your grandparents may be required.

How To Pay Online

Given that you are applying for a UK passport, the currency is the sterling pound. You may pay using either debit card or credit card. You must have had checked with your card provider if that international transaction was valid and that there are adequate funds that are available. The following cards are acceptable: The MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit and Maestro (UK Domestic). Note that Maestro (International) cards are not acceptable. If you do not have any of these cards, you have the option of asking a trusted person to pay on your behalf.

You can be able to check the progress of your application. Log into the online application service using the username that was emailed to you and the set password. You will now be able to review and or track your application. You may also be able to print out the declaration pack if you had not printed it before.

Additional Information Needed

For certain specifications to be made, some extra information is needed. It is also needed to clear doubt. If there are details in the previous forms that are not able to fit in the provided spaces indicate them here. If you need a counter signatory, provide information on their country’s passport and their email address. For those who are married and changed their names but still use their maiden names for professional purposes, this information will be added to your observation page. If you have an impairment that will bar you from taking the photo, attach a letter from your doctor stating whether your condition is permanent or not. If you are applying for a British National (Overseas) passport indicate your permanent Identity card number and a color photocopy with your application.

Counter Signatories

These are people who will assist to confirm your identity. They are needed to confirm the information given is correct based on their knowledge of you. A counter signatory must be a professional person including bank officials, police officers, religious ministers and other people with professional qualifications. They should have known you personally for at least 2 years. They must also be holders of a British, Irish or other EU, US or Commonwealth passport. They must not be related to you in any way, be in a relationship with you, live with you or be a commercially employed agent assisting you to apply.

All these and other requirements depending on your needs are what you need to get a new UK passport. As you can see, there’s quite a lot of processes to manage. That is why it is advisable to use a company that is experienced in passport applications to help you apply for a new UK passport in Thailand. An experienced company will assist you to process your passport fast and avoid making application mistakes while helping you to collect the new passport in a fast turnaround time.

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