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If working with savings keep the money in the bank


As we are aware with a UK Settlement visa there are three ways of showing the financial way to reach the financial requirement for a settlement visa to the UK and satisfy the British Embassy in Bangkok. The financial requirement for a UK Settlement visa is shown to the British Embassy of the appendix form which is a separate form given in conjunction with the online visa application form.

The most common appendix form used is the VAF42a form which cover’s most of the financial requirements including pensions, or self employment requirement or savings if you have no income.

If you have no income or you do not work and wish to show the financial side of the UK Settlement visa application you can show savings alone at the sum of 62,500 pounds which must be in a bank account at your disposable and must be in the bank or institution for a period of 6 months or more before application.

The reason for this post is to warn applicants that if you are going to use the savings alone for your UK Settlement visa you could be asked to prove were the funds originated from and also  when the visa is ready to be awarded you could be asked to show a new bank statement with the funds still there so make sure when you submit the visa application you do not touch or remove the money until the visa has been awarded to your Thai partner.

The same rules apply to a UK Fiancee visa, UK settlement visa and UK Civil partnership settlement visa