How To Get An Income Verification Letter From The British Embassy

How To Get An Income Verification Letter From The British Embassy

How To Get An Income Verification Letter From The British Embassy

An income verification letter is often required by banks when you are applying for a retirement visa or making a major purchase on credit. This will also serve as proof of employment in many types of cases. Wonder how you can get an income verification letter from the British Embassy? Here are two ways on how you can do it.

First Method – Secure the Letter by Yourself

British expats can secure their income verification letter from the British Embassy on their own. The steps include sending income details and a photocopy of your passport. You will also need to send a self-addressed envelope to the Embassy to facilitate the sending of the documents that you need. Before, you are allowed to pay the fee using postal money order but since October 2016, postal order is no longer accepted. Only cheques and credit cards are considered as the acceptable methods of payment when applying for an income verification letter.

It is important to complete the standard application form required by the British Embassy for Thai immigration. As mentioned, you will need to provide a photocopy of your current British passport. Make sure you produce a scanned copy or photocopy of your passport’s data page or that page which includes your photo. It was mentioned also that you should send income details, specifically that document which contains facts and figures about your income or pension. This document will be returned to you after they have used it for this purpose.

Fees to Get The Income Verification Letter

There are certain fees corresponding to the process which may either be paid in Thailand Baht or in GBP. The letter fee amounts to THB 2,300 or GBP 50.00 while the postal fee is THB 100 or GBP 2.00. These consular fees are the currently published rates. This can change without prior notice.

Payment Options

There are different ways by which you can pay for the document that you are securing. First is through your credit card, in which case the acceptable currency is GBP only. Note that UK debit and credit cards are accepted when paying through this method but only Thai credit cards may be used. When using this option, you should complete the corresponding Credit Card Authorisation Form. Another method is through draft or cheque. Payment in this case will be taken in THB. You can proceed to any bank to get the draft or cheque amounting to THB 2,400. The draft or cheque should be made payable to the British Embassy.

Finishing the application

After completing the required application forms, securing your requirements and paying the corresponding fees, you should send an email to [email protected] or through post. Usually, it will take 10 days before you receive your income verification letter. You can also track your application and the delivery of the document accordingly.

Second Method – Let Key Visa Thailand Give You A Helping Hand

Key Visa Thailand can make things easier for you when getting an income verification letter from the British Embassy in Bangkok. You no longer need to leave the comforts of your home or take some time out from work to be able to secure this document. We have been given the authority to obtain income letters for our clients from the British Embassy in Bangkok. You can even email all the necessary documents to [email protected] so that we can obtain the letter and send it to you for a very minimal additional fee.

Our representative from the company will take the income letter information to the Embassy every Monday. We will then collect income verification letters and the corresponding Embassy receipt every Thursday. Just like when applying for the income verification letter by yourself, you will need supporting documents like the original passport or a copy of your passport’s details page together with your income information during application. Just pay the corresponding income letter fee amounting to THB 3,500 when you order the letter.

For convenience and safety, let us help you secure your income verification letter from the British Embassy. We will be able to brief you on the essentials so that you will not face any hiccups while securing the income verification letter. You’ll also definitely appreciate the difference we can make to the entire process!

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