Get An Australian Tourist Visa For Your Thai Girlfriend – No Visa, No Pay!

Get An Australian Tourist Visa For Your Thai Girlfriend – No Visa, No Pay!

Get An Australian Tourist Visa For Your Thai Girlfriend – No Visa, No Pay!

Is your girlfriend from Thailand and you would want her to visit your homeland, Australia? The government of Australia has given citizens a chance to bring their partners into the country using an Australian visa: subclass 600. However, do you know that there are different types of other Australian visas and they depend on how long you would want to be with your girlfriend in Australia. Find out more about them and learn how we can help you get an Australian tourist visa for a Thai national!


The Best Australian Tourist Visa to Apply for Your Thai Girlfriend

Especially if this is your first time trying to bring your girlfriend to Australia, the best visa to consider is the Australian tourist visa – Subclass 600. The length of stay can vary from 3 to 6 to 12 months, but it will be much easier to apply for a 3-month visa first.

What About Other Types of Australian Visa for Longer Stays?

Your preferred length of stay in the country will also determine which visa to apply for. If you just need to visit or stay temporarily, you will apply for the temporary 820 visa. For longer stays, you will apply for the permanent 801 visa.

You also need to meet health and character requirements set by the Australian government. You need to have paid off all your debt or at least have repayment plans for all your outstanding loans. You may not be legible for the permanent 801 visa, if your partner ends up breaking the law in your stay in Australia while holding a temporary 820 visa. For you to still be legible for the partner visa subclass 801, you need to be in your de facto relationship or marriage.

As the partner to the applicant you automatically become the sponsor. You have to be fully legible for your partner to apply. You need to be an Australian citizen, an eligible New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent resident. You may not be legible if you have held or are a holder of certain visas. You are not charged anything to be a sponsor. Do not think that this privilege lasts forever. It only lasts for two years after your partner is granted their temporary partner visa subclass 820. This also applies when your partner attains their permanent partner visa subclass 801 after the two years. You also have some obligations as stated by the Australian Government. If you follow them to the letter, all will go smoothly.

How Key Visa Thailand Can Help

Because we believe deeply in what we do, we make a guarantee that if you do not receive the subclass 600 visa that you applied for your Thai girlfriend, you do not need to pay for the fees. Basically, no visa, no pay! Generally, it will cost 30,000THB to obtain an Australian tourist visa (subclass 600). However, you will need to pay a 10,000THB deposit for us to commence the visa application for you. We will take care of every aspect including the embassy fee, translations, and more so when you have finally obtained the visa, you just need to pay the remaining 20,000THB. With our no visa-no pay policy, you don’t have to pay the 20,000THB if we are unsuccessful with your application.

What we will help with:

  • Translate all the submitted documents into English
  • Advise the applicant on the paper work needed and help her to fill out the application form
  • Advise the sponsor on the paper work needed such as the Intention of Stay letter
  • Train the applicant for the interview
  • Accompany the applicant to Bangkok to submit the application
  • Collect the passport after approval
  • … and more!

At Key Visa Thailand, we have helped hundreds of Thai nationals obtain their Australian tourist visa subclass 600 and that is why we are so confident to guarantee our services with a no visa-no pay policy. Let us be the winning factor in your Australian tourist visa application today!

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