Does Your Partner Meet The Financial Requirements For A UK Visa?

Does Your Partner Meet The Financial Requirements For A UK Visa

Does Your Partner Meet The Financial Requirements For A UK Visa?

The process of obtaining a UK visa has increased in complexity over the years. In recent years, the changes in rules apply to UK Fiancée Visas, UK Spouse Visas, UK Marriage Visas, and other relevant UK Visas. However, the changes led to unfortunate circumstances such as families becoming separated due to their inability to meet the new financial requirements. If you have been negatively affected by these changes, it is pertinent that you engage a professional immigration consultant. At Key Visa, we can lend you a helping hand.


Understanding the Different Types of UK Visas

  • UK fiancée visas

The UK fiancee visa is typically given by the British Embassy in Bangkok. This 6 month visa indicates your intentions to marry your Thai partner in the UK, within the valid period of the visa. Once you have legally married your Thai girlfriend in the United Kingdom, you will receive a further extension without leaving the UK. This is called “further leave to remain” or FLR for short. FLR is valid for two years and nine months, and allows your wife to look for a job in the UK. Other benefits that your Thai wife enjoys include opening bank accounts, getting a UK National Insurance number, and more.

  • UK spouse / marriage visas

The terms, “spouse” and “marriage” are used interchangeably for this type of visa. A spouse visa is designed to allow married partners of UK citizens to immigrate to the United Kingdom. The visa shows that they have legally married an individual who is settled in the UK. In other words, that person was ordinarily resident in the UK. Thai partners who possess UK marriage or spouse visas have no immigration restrictions on how long they can stay in the country. To qualify for this visa, one must intend to live together with their partner permanently. In addition, they should have sufficient funds to support themselves and their dependents, without needing to claim any public funds.

The Updated Financial Requirements for UK Visas

Today, the UK authorities do more than just take a brief glance through your annual salary. You are required to prepare all supporting documents and get them in order before visiting the British Embassy in Bangkok. Here’s what Key Visa knows about the updated financial requirements:

A combined annual income of at least £18,600 is required for both partners if:

  • You plan to settle in the United Kingdom within five years; or
  • You are applying as a partner

Now, if you have children who are not permanently settled, EEA nationals, or British citizens, you must prove you have extra money. This means that you need to earn an extra £3,800 for your first child and £2,400 for each subsequent child after the first one. This known as the “minimum income requirement.”

“Income” in UK Visa Financial Requirements Means:

  • Any income you earn from self-employment, e.g. being a director of a UK-registered limited company
  • Any income from employment (before National Insurance and tax)
  • Non-work income, e.g. dividends and property rental income
  • Pension money
  • Cash savings exceeding £16,000

If you plan to use income from employment or self-employment, you will need to prove either partner has received that income for at least six months. If you are on the self-employment route, your business needs to be operational for 12 months or more and have successfully filed annual accounts with a minimum of £18,600 per annum, in earnings. Another alternative is to prove that you are in control of £62,500 of accessible savings for at least six months.

What Should Sponsors Take Note of?

If you are applying for a UK marriage visa, the sponsor is needed to have a gross salary of £18,600 and any monetary requirements that apply to having children. If you are struggling to meet the criteria, you can always consult Key Visa’s knowledgeable and experienced team to discover more alternatives and options.

At Key Visa, you can rest assured that we are an accredited company in Thailand. Our company can even help you resolve visa refusal cases. Our dedicated agents are more than happy to give you all the information that you need to make informed decisions when it comes to UK Visa financial requirements. If you would like to know more information regarding these matters, do not hesitate to contact us via our website.

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