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British Passport renewal delays

Since the new system was introduced approximately 4 weeks ago there seems to be no end of problems with documents required and the passport office sending e-mails to applicants requesting new or up to date documents which can make delays in the processing and also them sending from Liverpool in the UK.

Please make sure when you send an application form you make sure it is filled in correctly and also the credit card form please make sure this is also filled in correctly and your details are correct.

Make sure you now send a full copy of your passport every page in color even if 48 pages

You must also send something in Thailand which confirms your full postal address including your name and address in English e.g. pension statement, work letter UK bank statements with your Thai address on,

If you only have things like Thai utility bills then make sure they are translated into English before you send as people in Liverpool cannot read Thai, they also will no longer send to a third party address in Thailand only to your home or postal address in Thailand.

Please take these rules on board and give yourselves at least 6 month prior to your passport expiring before you apply in case of any delays the current waiting time can be 4-6 weeks.