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British Income letters for married to a Thai visa soon to change, It has been brought to our attention as from last week that British Nationals wishing to obtain a British Embassy Income letter to prove their 400,000 baht income per year for marriage visa purposes wishing to obtain a letter the same way in which applicants wanting a letter for a retirement visa purposes will do will soon change.

A letter will still be available but it will be in format of a statuary declaration that will have to be signed in front of a Consular officer at the British Embassy in person in a similar way that American Citizens have to do.

We are aware of this because we had one client last week we applied for a letter in the normal way that we have done for the last 2 years who was informed that because he was in their eyes not at a receiving pension age and wished the letter for marriage visa purposes then he would have to go the British Embassy and sign the declaration of income.

If you are a retired person wishing this letter to be part of a retirement visa e.g. showing funds and monies in the bank or just the income then things will not change. It seems that applicants under the age of 50 years old will be targeted and their income checked to establish what the income is for and for which visa, The British Embassy are not refusing and will not refuse to give a letter they are just changing the way in which the letter is issued.

This news is so new that it has not been published yet and we believe that our client last week may have been the first to obtain this new stat declaration for his marriage visa.

At Key Visa Thailand we are still doing the income letter service for 300 baht on top of the cost of the letter but we will check your documents to ascertain which visa you require.

It will no affect most but if you are under 50 years old and the letter is for marriage visa purposes then you soon may have to sign a stat declaration at the British Embassy Bangkok in Person.

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