6 Month Tourist Visa

6 Month Thai Tourist Visas are here!

Multiple Entry Tourist Visas (METV)

From Monday October 13th, visitors to Thailand for the purpose of tourism will be able to obtain a visa with six months validity from most Thai consulates. This rule change is welcome among groups of people who visit Thailand for extended holidays but have no need to obtain a long stay visa here. The rules which currently apply to ‘back to back ‘ visas will still remain in place.

The validity of this visa is six months and the duration of stay per visit is 60 days, you can leave and re-enter Thailand as many times as you wish during the six month period.

Single Entry Tourist Visa (SETV)

It will still be possible to obtain a single entry tourist visa which will be valid for three months and the duration of stay per entry will be up to 60 days.

Many consulates will expect you to show money in the bank to cover your needs during your stay and immigration may ask to see a bank book or cash upon entry to the country.

You may also need to provide proof of onward travel upon expiry of your visa and/or proof of accommodation booked.

Who can benefit from the new tourist visa rules?

Many people in the oil, gas and other industries who are only required to work for a few months of the year visit Thailand on a regular basis for extended holidays which can stretch into many months. Under current visa regulations these valuable tourists struggle to find a suitable visa option.

People who are just ‘checking out their options’ in Thailand and are not ready to commit to moving here permanently can stay in Thailand for up to six months providing that they can support themselves financially (of course you are not allowed to work on this visa). Anyone who is considering relocating or retiring to Thailand but is not yet 100% sure will be able to use this visa.

How to obtain a six month tourist visa for Thailand

  • You will need to obtain your tourist visa from a Thai consulate outside of Thailand.
  • If you are already in Thailand and wish to obtain a six month tourist visa then you will need to travel to a neighbouring country such as Laos on what is know as a 'border run' or 'visa run' in order to obtain your visa.
  • The visa costs 5000 baht for a multiple entry and 1000 baht for a single entry according to the most recent sources.
  • If you are obtaining your visa in a neighbouring country it is a good idea to carry evidence for the funds which you have to support yourself during your stay or you may be denied the visa or even denied entry at the border.
  • According to current regulations you will still need to leave the country at least once every 60 days.
  • Key Visa can help you travel to Laos on a border run to obtain a six month tourist visa, please contact our office for further details.

The different visa types make the costing of the trip different so please contact the office on 038 422 131 or send an e­mail to [email protected] and we can answer all of your questions and give you a quote for obtaining a visa.


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