Top 5 Cities in Thailand that Expats choose to live in


Top 5 Cities in Thailand that Expats choose to live in


Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok is one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities and it’s no wonder that most expats in Thailand choose to live in the city of angels. Most live in and around the central Sukhumvit area of the city.

Unlike other cities around Thailand a large percentage of foreigners livings in the city do so as for the majority it’s where their place of employment is located. Whether they are working in the cities business center or teaching in the many international schools and universities throughout the city.


If Bangkok is the city most associated with expats working in Thailand then Pattaya, in stark contrast has a large population of around 30,000 permanent foreigners most of whom are in the main retirees. Pattaya’s main attraction for expats is its location next to sea on the Gulf of Thailand.

Most of Pattaya’s expat community originates from the United States and Europe and many thriving expat clubs and associations have been in existence for several years now. Pattaya is strewn with bars and restaurants owned by expats to provide entertainment services for both visiting tourists and expats living in the city.

Chang Mai

Chang Mai is Thailand’s second largest city and lies in the North of the country. Due to the city’s historical importance it is one of the most visited places in Thailand for tourists and is also host to a large and thriving expat community.

The areas stunning natural beauty of mountains and lush green forests along with the cooler climate compared to further south during the winter months is what draws large numbers of foreigners seeking to settle in the city. Many expats own small hotels and guest houses providing affordable accommodation for the large number of tourists visiting the city.

Udon Thani

Udon Thani is a city situated in the northeast of Thailand in the area known as Essan. The surrounding area is rural countryside mostly comprising of rice farming although Udon Thani is a large town with modern facilities and an airport which provide access to Thailand’s northeast.

A large percentage of foreign expats have partners who originate from the Essan area and many have decided to settle down in both Udon Thani and the villages of the surrounding countryside. Houses can be built for a very reasonable price on land belonging to wives and partners and the peace and quiet and slow pace of life is appealing to many expats.

Hua Hin

The town of Hua Hin is another beach resort located on the Gulf of Thailand around 100 kilometers south of Bangkok. Although not as busy as Pattaya further to the east, Hua Hin is very popular for weekend breaks and day trips from nearby Bangkok.

Many expats who work in Bangkok have bought properties in the resort as it’s just over an hour’s drive from the center of Bangkok. A large expat Scandinavian community has steadily grown in the area over the last number of years with several condo and housing developments being built to cope with demand.

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