A friendly Oasis: Expat-Friendly Bars Outside of the Big Cities


A friendly Oasis: Expat-Friendly Bars Outside of the Big Cities

Cities are said to be the loneliest places on earth. Despite there being a large population, generally people already have enough friends, so there seems to be no reason to make more. Even in Bangkok, where generally people are quite friendly, it can still be a mission to make friends.


The best way to get to know people if you are not into sport is to head for the outer rims of the city where the people are little looser. Here there are plenty of establishments where people are willing to talk to literally anyone.


Although on the edge of Bangkok, Samutprakarn is not considered Bangkok or a city, but a province in its own right. It even has its own immigration and governing authority. Here there are a host of night clubs frequented by Thais and expats looking for a good time. It’s also an area that is not too difficult to get to. You can take the BTS to Bearing, and from there it is a short taxi ride to the nightspots.

Itchys is on Srinakarin and is a great place to visit. On Fridays and Saturdays its music resounds around the whole area with some talented bands. This place is an outside bar with a friendly atmosphere and great vibe to it. Most expats like this bar because of the food and music plus it is near to Itchys nightclub.


Rangsit is considered part of the city, but it is a suburban area much like Samut Prakarn. Getting there poses a little more of a problem even if you do live near the BTS or MRT as it is outside the metropolitan area of the city. Even so, there are plenty of fast track buses that run in that direction. However, it is best to avoid the long trek up there on a Friday night. On Friday it is party time for the night owls of Bangkok, and the roads will be jammed solid with traffic.

Around the main Future Park shopping centre you’ll find a host of bars with expats hanging around. The bars are reasonably prices and nearly all provide a menu with foreign food and beers.


If you fancy getting out of town and finding an alternative place to spend a few days partying, then Surin is the place to go. This is a north eastern province of Thailand where there are plenty of night spots to delve into. The expat community in the bars in Surin are mainly males. For the male visitor from outside, it may seem like heaven as you are constantly met with smiles form the local girls.

Prasat in Surin is the best place to track down the expat bars. Start by visiting the expat bar cross restaurant called Staffords. After this you can move on down the road to more ex-pat establishments.



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